Commercial road haulage; application for a permit

Commercial road haulage is generally subject to licensing. Not subject to licensing is so-called own-account transport, i.e. road haulage for a company's own purposes under certain conditions.


Road haulage is the transport of goods by motor vehicles with a permissible total weight exceeding 3.5 tons, including trailers, for business purposes or against payment.

The permit pursuant to Section 3 of the Road Haulage Act applies only to road haulage within the Federal Republic of Germany.

Own-account transport as road haulage for the company's own purposes does not require a permit under the following conditions:

  • the goods transported must be the property of the company or sold, bought, rented, manufactured, produced, extracted, processed or repaired by it.
  • the transport must serve the delivery of the goods to the enterprise, their dispatch from the enterprise, their transfer within the enterprise or for the enterprise's own use outside the enterprise.
  • the motor vehicles used for transportation must be driven by the company's own personnel.
  • Transportation may only be an auxiliary activity within the framework of the overall activity of the enterprise.


Permission is granted to an entrepreneur whose company has its registered office actually and permanently in the country, if

  • the entrepreneur and the person appointed to manage the road haulage business (transport manager) are reliable,
  • the financial capacity of the company is guaranteed, and
  • the entrepreneur or the person appointed to manage the road haulage business is professionally suitable.

Special notes

For international road transport of goods it is necessary to have:

  • a so-called community license for transport with states of the EU and states of the EEA, which also authorizes domestic transport in other EU/EEA states (so-called cabotage transport),
  • a so-called CEMT permit for cross-border commercial road haulage and removal transport in the community of CEMT member states (more than 30 states in Europe)
    -> the Federal Office for Goods Transport, Werderstraße 34, 50672 Cologne, Tel.: 0221/57 76-0, Fax: 0221/57 76-1777, e-mail: is responsible for issuing this permit or
  • a so-called bilateral permit for cross-border road haulage with third countries
    -> responsible for a large part of the countries is the Government of Oberpfalz, Emmeramsplatz 8/9, 93047 Regensburg, Tel.: 0941/56 80-0, Fax: 0941/56 80-188.

If road haulage for own purposes of the company is permitted, the entrepreneur who operates road haulage for own purposes is obliged to register his company with the Federal Office for Goods Transport, Werderstraße 34, 50672 Cologne, before the first transport begins.

Required documents

  • Documentation for the applicant company:

    • an extract from the commercial or cooperative register in the form of a certified copy, if a corresponding entry exists
    • proof of authorisation to represent the company; a certificate of good conduct and information from the Central Trade Register for the person authorised to represent the company
    • Clearance certificates from the tax office, the municipality, the social security institutions and the employers' liability insurance association (not older than three months) on financial capacity
    • Equity certificate or a certificate from the auditor who audited the annual financial statements (not older than one year)
    • certificate of professional competence for the national and international carriage of goods by road

  • Documents for persons appointed to manage road haulage operations:

    • Certificate of good conduct (not older than three months)
    • information from the central business register (not older than three months)
    • proof of professional suitability
    • proof of employment.


  • Fee from 120 to 700 euros

Status: 01.08.2022

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