Truck toll; payment

If your truck weighs at least 7.5 tons and you want to drive on a federal road or federal highway in Germany, you must pay a toll beforehand.



You are driving a toll vehicle on federal freeways or federal highways.


You must pay the toll before you begin your trip using one of the following booking options.

Automatic booking via on-board unit:

  • Register with the operating company Toll Collect GmbH or a provider of the European Electronic Toll Service (EEMD). You can register in writing or via an online procedure.
  • Then have an on-board unit installed in your vehicle.
  • After successful registration and installation of the on-board unit, the toll routes driven are recorded automatically and the toll is booked with Toll Collect or the EEMD provider according to the payment method you have selected.

Manual booking via the Toll Collect app:

  • Download the Toll Collect app to a mobile device of your choice.
    • The app is available for the Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems and can be downloaded from the stores (Android App Store, iOS App Store, Windows Phone App Store).
  • Follow the instructions in the app.

Online booking via the Toll Collect website:

  • Go to the Toll Collect website.
  • Log in with your customer data and follow the instructions for the online procedure.

Manual booking at around 1,100 toll terminals:

  • You will find toll booth terminals both in Germany and in other countries close to the border at large gas stations, truck stops, and rest areas.
  • Follow the instructions on the toll booth terminal.

Special notes

If you wish, Toll Collect will also send you a monthly itemized statement. It lists the vehicle, route, travel time and other toll-related data. This allows you to accurately track the toll charges levied. You can download the itemized bill from Toll Collect's customer portal or receive it by mail on request.
The respective EEMD providers provide information on the range of corresponding services offered by EEMD providers.


The truck toll must be paid before using the toll road network.

Processing time

Up to 4 hours are needed to install the Toll Collect GmbH vehicle device. Online bookings via app or the Internet take only a few minutes. The processing time with an EEMD provider can vary.

Required documents

  • Required Documents


Online procedures


  • The amount of the toll varies depending on:

    • the number of kilometers traveled,
    • the weight class and the number of axles,
    • the pollutant class of the vehicle and
    • a noise pollution charge.

    The toll rates applicable to your vehicle are summarized in Toll Collect's "Tariff Overview 2019".


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