Towing over the freeway; application for a special permit

You can get the exemption for towing over the highway must be applied for.


In emergency cases, towing does not require a permit. A freeway must be left by the towing unit at the next junction. Driving onto the freeway is not permitted. An exceptional permit is required for towing via the freeway. It can be applied for in particular by companies that specialize in towing and have suitable emergency vehicles available for this purpose.

Towing is when an inoperable vehicle is to be taken out of circulation or to the next suitable place of repair or parking. This is based on the concept of emergency assistance. A vehicle can no longer move under its own power due to an accident or a technical defect and is to be taken out of the public traffic area. In these emergency cases, towing does not require a permit. For safety reasons, the towing unit must leave the highway at the next junction (see § 15 a Road Traffic Regulations). If a vehicle comes to a standstill outside the freeway, it must not be driven onto the freeway.

A special permit, often referred to as a "towing permit", is required for cases where towing is to take place via the fre eway. It may be particularly for commercial contractors who offer the guarantee of safe and professional towing, i.e. who specialize in towing and have suitable emergency vehicles available for this purpose.

The permanent exemption permit is issued for towing for up to 250 km of freeway, whereby the area of application is limited to Bavaria. It is to be limited to a maximum period of three years.

In special cases (in addition), an individual exemption permit may also be issued.


  • reliability of the towing contractor, in particular no violations (criminal offenses or misdemeanors) in connection with traffic regulations, and
  • to the knowledge of the issuing authority, the company must have sufficient experience in recovery and towing.



Required documents

  • Expert opinion for the area of recovery and towing on the basis of the Bavarian Towing Guidelines (ARB)


  • Frame fee: 10,20 to 767,00 EUR


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