Regular public transport; application for permits and exceptions

The carriage of passengers by streetcars and motor vehicles for remuneration or on business is subject to the provisions of the Passenger Transportation Act (PBefG) and thus requires a permit.


The governments

  • issue permits for scheduled transport services. They include such forms of transport as commuter services, school and kindergarten lines, and airport feeder services,
  • issue licenses for rental and excursion transport (occasional transport).
  • issue permits for international regular services,
  • issue permits for tariffs,
  • grant exceptions from the prohibition on taking other passengers on school bus and kindergarten routes in individual cases, and
  • promote entrepreneurs (compensation services, buses, depots, etc.).

The Ordinance on the Operation of Motor Transport Companies in Passenger Transport (BOKraft) contains regulations that go beyond the Passenger Transport Act (PBefG) concerning:

  • the operation of motor transport companies
  • conduct in the driving service
  • rules of conduct of passengers
  • equipment and condition of vehicles
  • the installation of stops

The government may grant exemptions from the regulations applicable to regular services in certain individual cases or in general for certain applicants.


As subjective requirements for the approval are:

  • the professional suitability (examination at the IHK)
  • the financial capacity of the company and
  • the reliability of the transport operator.

In addition, the objective requirements for approval must be met (e.g. public transport interests, local transport planning requirements).


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  • Costs (fees and expenses) shall be charged for official acts under this Act and under the legal provisions based on this Act.

Status: 01.08.2022

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