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BayernInfo is the online information system of the Free State of Bavaria about travel and traffic. You will find a map with the traffic situation on the most important Bavarian roads, current webcam images, parking information for trucks and travel information for all means of transport.


BayernInfo offers a wide range of services for citizens free of charge

  • Current traffic situation: information on current traffic volumes in real time. The information relates not only to the highway network, but to the entire higher-ranking road network. This includes information on traffic jams, road works and closures, hazard reports (for example, objects on the roadway, accidents) and road weather reports. The traffic situation is supplemented by additional private real-time data. Autobahn GmbH, state construction offices, counties and cities report about 2,500 current construction sites and closures on Bavaria's roads per year.
  • Webcams on the traffic situation in Bavaria: approx. 500 webcams provide live images of the most important Bavarian highways and federal roads. In addition, approx. 50 webcams at rest areas, mobile cameras in construction site areas and municipal traffic cameras, as well as camera images from Austria and Baden-Württemberg are integrated in Bayerninfo. A connection of further webcams of neighboring regions is planned.
  • Parking: Information on the current occupancy of truck parking spaces on highways (currently A9, further expansion is planned) as well as parking garages in large cities. In addition, information on equipment and, if applicable, prices of parking lots and fuel & rest areas throughout Bavaria is recorded.
  • Door-to-door route planner: Multimodal travel information with a combination of different means of transport (e.g. car, train, bus, underground and suburban train) including local transport, footpaths and cycle routes. This also includes real-time delay data for public transportation.
  • Bavaria Network for Cyclists (in cooperation with the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Home Affairs): Bike route planner with information on the most important long-distance bike routes
    The Bavarian Network for Cyclists clearly maps all of the current 120 long-distance bike routes with a total length of over 9,000 km and provides useful information, a route planning function for cyclists and additional links.
  • First traffic information app from a German state institution for on-the-go, available for iOS and Android.
  • Bayernnetz for cyclists app for iOS and Android.

In addition, content from Bayerninfo is used for broadcasting on the TMC channel (traffic radio). Various navigation systems, traffic information services on the Internet and logistics applications also use the data, including TomTom, Apple Maps, ADAC Maps, HERE Maps, Bing Maps, traffic information sites in Austria and the Czech Republic, the logistics center of the German armed forces, and many more.

The data stored in Bayerninfo is largely made available free of charge on the federal mobility data marketplace (MDM) for in-vehicle applications, websites and research purposes.

The Internet service for traffic information is operated by the Central Office for Traffic Management at the Bavarian State Construction Directorate



The traffic information can be accessed via the Internet using both a PC and a mobile device via apps for iOS and Android.

An app for mobile devices is also available for the Bavaria Network for Cyclists.

Links to more information

  • BayernInfo

    Im Online-Informationssystem des Freistaats Bayern finden Sie neben einer verkehrsübergreifenden Reiseauskunft für alle Verkehrsmittel auch eine Karte mit der aktuellen und der prognostizierten Verkehrslage auf den bayerischen Fernstraßen sowie Parkinformationen und Verkehrskameras. Zusätzlich sind im Bayernnetz für Radler sämtliche Fernradwege abgebildet.

  • BayernInfo
  • BayernInfo Maps
  • Apps "BayernInfo Maps" und "Bayernnetz für Radler"


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