Transport companies; application for fare reimbursement for the free transport of severely disabled persons

Severely disabled people are transported free of charge on local public transport by the transport companies upon presentation of an appropriately marked ID card. Upon request, the companies are reimbursed for the fare revenue lost in Bavaria as a result.


Severely disabled persons, who are considerably impaired in their ability to move in road traffic as a result of their disability, or who are helpless or deaf, are transported free of charge by the transport companies on presentation of an appropriately marked ID card with an orange-colored surface imprint. A supplementary sheet to the ID card is required for free travel authorization, which must be provided with a valid token.

Hand luggage, a wheelchair (as far as the condition of the means of transport allows it), other orthopedic aids, the guide dog and - if the necessity of a constant company is registered in the identity card (characteristic sign "B") - also the accompanying person of the severely handicapped person are carried additionally.

Transport companies can apply to the Inclusion Office at the Bavarian Family and Social Affairs Center (ZBFS) for reimbursement for the loss of fare due to free transportation.

The fare losses are reimbursed upon application based on the annually announced percentage (flat-rate regulation) or based on proof (individual regulation).


The prerequisite is that during the reimbursement period (one calendar year in each case) the operator has transported entitled persons free of charge on the basis of the obligation, including their accompanying persons, if applicable, their hand luggage, their accompanying wheelchairs, their other orthopedic aids and their guide dogs.

In principle, the company to which the management has been transferred, i.e. which operates the transport service in its own name, under its own responsibility and for its own account, is entitled to apply. In the case of local passenger rail transport, the entrepreneur is the holder of a license as a rail transport company. In the case of an interconnected network of lines formed by several undertakings with uniform or combined transport charges, applications may also be submitted by a joint body of such undertakings on behalf of its members. Under the conditions of § 233 paragraph 2 SGB IX, a transport association may also be an applicant.


The application for reimbursement of fare losses for the free transportation of severely disabled persons in local transport must be submitted in one copy to the Center Bavaria Family and Social Affairs (ZBFS) - Central Franconia Region.

The application must be accompanied by a list of the lines for which the reimbursement is requested.

Special notes

The application for reimbursement of lost fare for free long-distance transportation of severely disabled persons shall be submitted to the Federal Office of Administration.


The application must be received in writing no later than December 31 of the third year after the end of the respective accounting year. The necessary documents should also be submitted by this date. Only final fare revenues can be settled.

The deadline is determined by the date of receipt of the application by the reimbursement authority.

Processing time

There is no statutory time limit for processing. As long as there are no special features in the procedure that require extensive follow-up investigations and/or surveys, processing is generally possible within a period of four to eight weeks. Due to the personnel situation, there may be longer waiting times until a decision is made, especially in the case of increased application volume, substitutions or assignment of other activities.

Required documents

  • Required Documents:

    • Approval of routes according to § 17 Passenger Transportation Act (PBefG) including timetables (1 timetable per route)
    • Tariff approval according to § 39 Passenger Transportation Act (PBefG) or § 12 General Railway Law (AEG)
    • Confirmation from the auditor or tax advisor on the amount of reimbursable fare revenue (see Appendix A under "Forms")
    • Proof of the origin and composition of the revenue (e.g., revenue breakdown of transport association, statements of ticket sales, cash revenue, increased transport charges or allocations from municipal cost units, etc.)
    • additionally, in the case of traffic counts: Proof in accordance with Section 231 (5) SGB IX (see Appendix B under "Forms").


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