E-load bicycles and trailers for entrepreneurs and municipalities; grant application.

You want to buy an e-load bicycle or an e-load bicycle trailer? You can receive a grant of up to EUR 2,500 for this under certain conditions.


If you want to receive the grant, you must apply to the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).

The grant is available for the purchase of the following items for bicycle-based freight transport in industry, commerce, trade, services and the municipal sector:

  • E-load bicycles (load pedelecs) and
  • Cargo trailers with electric drive assistance (E cargo bike trailers).

You do not have to repay the grant.

Not eligible are e-load bicycles and e-load bicycle trailers

  • for private use (for example, shopping, commuting) or
  • For passenger transportation (for example, rickshaws).

Eligible applicants are:

  • private companies
  • Companies with municipal participation
  • Municipalities (cities, municipalities, counties)

The grant amounts to 25 percent of the expenses for the purchase, up to a maximum of 2,500 euros per e-load bicycle or trailer.

You will not receive the grant if you order the e-load bicycle or e-load bicycle trailer before you receive the notice of approval. The grant period is 12 months and begins as soon as you receive the grant notification from BAFA.

You are obliged to inform the public about the funding, especially on the funded bikes and - if possible - on your website. In addition, you must publicly document your project and the results achieved. This concerns in particular information on the elimination or decommissioning of vehicles with combustion engines as well as on the intended use and mileage of the promoted bicycles.

The funded items must be located in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. You must operate them for at least 3 years in accordance with the funding guidelines. Within this period, you may not take the wheel and trailer out of operation, otherwise you will have to repay the grant.

In order to be able to sell the subsidized items, BAFA must give its approval. This is only possible

  • if the new owner fully assumes the rights and obligations resulting from the subsidy, and
  • provided that the transfer or sale does not result in any disadvantages for the federal government or violations of state aid or grant law.


All e-load bicycles and load trailers with electric drive assistance that meet the following requirements are eligible. They must

  • be standard and brand-new,
  • each have a payload of at least 120 kg, and
  • Provide transportation capabilities that are inextricably linked to the bicycle and can hold more volume than a conventional bicycle.

As the applicant, you must become the owner of the purchased e-load bicycle or trailer.


You can apply for the grant exclusively online via an electronic form on the BAFA website.

  • Visit the BAFA website and access the electronic form for the "Application for funding for e-load bicycles for bicycle-based freight transport".
  • Fill out the form, attach the required documents and submit it online.
  • After reviewing the application and the required documents, and provided that all eligibility requirements are met, BAFA will issue an approval notice.
  • As soon as you receive the approval notice, you may conclude the purchase contract for an e-load bicycle or e-load bicycle trailer.
  • You must then provide proof of use via another electronic form provided by BAFA.
  • The grant will be transferred to you after verification of proper use.


  • The funding can be applied for within the period of validity of the funding guideline, i.e. until 29.02.2024. (As of July 2021).
  • The (approval) period within which the e-load bicycle or e-load trailer must be purchased is 12 months. It begins upon receipt of the BAFA approval notice.

Processing time

The average processing time is:

  • 2 weeks until the grant is issued
  • 2 weeks until payment of the grant.

This information includes any necessary queries to the applicant regarding unclear facts and to complete the documents.

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    Folgende Unterlagen müssen Sie zusammen mit dem elektronischen Antragsformular des BAFA übermitteln:

    • ein unverbindliches Angebot, aus dem
      • die geplante Anschaffung (Hersteller und Typ des E-Lastenfahrrades bzw. E-Lastenanhängers) und
      • die angesetzten Ausgaben hervorgehen
    • gegebenenfalls ein Nachweis über den Wirtschaftszweig, in dem Ihr Unternehmen tätig ist.

    Nach der Anschaffung des E-Lastenfahrrades oder E-Lastenfahrradanhängers müssen Sie den sogenannten Verwendungsnachweis führen. Dazu stellt das BAFA ein elektronisches Formular bereit. Im Rahmen des Verwendungsnachweises müssen Sie mindestens folgende Unterlagen und Nachweise erbringen:

    • ­Fragebogen (Formular des BAFA) zur Anwendung und Nutzung der beschafften E-Lastenfahrräder oder E-Lastenfahrradanhänger
    • ­fotografischer Nachweis über die vorschriftsmäßige Verwendung der vorgeschriebenen Logokombination,
    • ­vollständig ausgefülltes Verwendungsnachweisformular und Rechnung.

Online procedures


  • No fees are charged for the application and processing. The entire application process is free of charge for you.


An appeal against the decision of the granting authority can be lodged with the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) within one month of notification.


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