E-load bicycles and trailers for entrepreneurs and municipalities; grant application.

You want to buy an e-load bicycle or an e-load bicycle trailer? You can receive a grant of up to EUR 2,500 for this under certain conditions.



All e-load bicycles and load trailers with electric drive assistance that meet the following requirements are eligible. They must

  • be standard and brand-new,
  • each have a payload of at least 120 kg, and
  • Provide transportation capabilities that are inextricably linked to the bicycle and can hold more volume than a conventional bicycle.

As the applicant, you must become the owner of the purchased e-load bicycle or trailer.


You can apply for the grant exclusively online via an electronic form on the BAFA website.

  • Visit the BAFA website and access the electronic form for the "Application for funding for e-load bicycles for bicycle-based freight transport".
  • Fill out the form, attach the required documents and submit it online.
  • After reviewing the application and the required documents, and provided that all eligibility requirements are met, BAFA will issue an approval notice.
  • As soon as you receive the approval notice, you may conclude the purchase contract for an e-load bicycle or e-load bicycle trailer.
  • You must then provide proof of use via another electronic form provided by BAFA.
  • The grant will be transferred to you after verification of proper use.


  • The funding can be applied for within the period of validity of the funding guideline, i.e. until 29.02.2024. (As of July 2021).
  • The (approval) period within which the e-load bicycle or e-load trailer must be purchased is 12 months. It begins upon receipt of the BAFA approval notice.

Processing time

The average processing time is:

  • 2 weeks until the grant is issued
  • 2 weeks until payment of the grant.

This information includes any necessary queries to the applicant regarding unclear facts and to complete the documents.

Required documents

  • Required document/s

    You must submit the following documents together with the BAFA electronic application form:

    • a non-binding offer, from which
      • the planned purchase (manufacturer and type of e-cargo bike or e-cargo trailer) and
      • the estimated expenditure
    • If applicable, proof of the economic sector in which your company operates.

    After purchasing the e-cargo bike or e-cargo bike trailer, you must provide proof of use. BAFA provides an electronic form for this purpose. As part of the proof of use, you must provide at least the following documents and evidence:

    • Questionnaire (BAFA form) on the application and use of the procured e-cargo bikes or e-cargo bike trailers
    • photographic evidence that the prescribed logo combination has been used in accordance with the regulations,
    • fully completed proof of use form and invoice.

Online procedures


  • No fees are charged for the application and processing. The entire application process is free of charge for you.


An appeal against the decision of the granting authority can be lodged with the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) within one month of notification.


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