Electromobility; application for funding for publicly accessible charging infrastructure.

The Free State of Bavaria supports the construction of publicly accessible charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Bavaria with one or more charging points, including the necessary grid connection of the charging location as well as the assembly and installation of the charging points.



In order to meet the requirements of Directive 2014/94/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on the development of alternative fuels infrastructure (Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive - AFID), the German government's Climate Protection Program 2030, and the strategic further development of electromobility in the Free State of Bavaria, the development of a nationwide basic charging infrastructure of publicly accessible charging points is a mandatory requirement.


The object of the funding is the procurement and construction of publicly accessible charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Bavaria with at least one charging point, including the necessary network connection.

In addition to the procurement and construction of charging infrastructure at new locations, funding is also provided for the upgrading or replacement of charging infrastructure and the upgrading of the grid connection at existing locations, provided that these have not already been funded and if an added value is proven.

Funding is also provided for the connection of the funded charging points to the low or medium voltage grid and the combination of grid connection and a buffer storage if it serves to supply charging points.

Recipients of funding

Eligible applicants are natural persons and legal entities, in particular also municipalities and districts, unless a restriction is made in the respective funding call.

Type and scope, amount of the grant

Charging points and grid connection are subsidized with a maximum percentage of 60%. The specific applicable funding rate will be announced in the respective funding call.

Furthermore, a maximum funding amount is specified. For charging points, this depends on the charging capacity and is between EUR 2,500 and EUR 20,000. For the grid connection, the maximum amount is EUR 10,000 or EUR 100,000.


Prerequisites for the granting of the service are, among others

  • compliance with the requirements of the charging station ordinance
  • the fulfillment of minimum technical standards, for example on remote capability and authentication
  • the guarantee of a minimum accessibility of twelve hours on weekdays
  • the obligation of a minimum operating period of six years for the charging infrastructure
  • Proof that the electricity required for the charging process comes from renewable energies (not subsidized under the Renewable Energy Sources Act) or from renewable electricity generated on site.

Further information on the requirements for the charging infrastructure can be found in section 6 of the funding guideline (see under "Legal basis").


The granting agency is Bayern Innovativ - Bayerische Gesellschaft für Innovation und Wissenstransfer mbH.

Applicants will be invited to submit funding applications by the respective deadline in separate funding calls. Supplementary or restrictive information on these funding guidelines and the content requirements for the applications will be published with the funding call.

The application procedure is designed as a single-stage process. Formal applications for funding must be submitted online (see link under "Online procedure").

Special notes

Applications for funding for publicly accessible charging infrastructure can also be submitted under the federal programme "Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Germany". More information on this can be found on the website of the Federal Agency for Administrative Services (see "Further links").


The submission deadlines are specified in the respective funding calls.

The project may not be started before the grant has been approved.

Online procedures


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Status: 10.06.2022

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