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The implementation of application-related research and development projects is one of the mandatory tasks of universities of applied sciences/technical universities (formerly universities of applied sciences; hereinafter: universities) as defined by law.


The implementation of application-related research and development projects is one of the mandatory tasks of universities as defined by law. This is an important element in the transfer of knowledge and technology, especially to small and medium-sized enterprises in the region, from which all parties benefit: The companies through increasing innovative strength and competitiveness, the universities through closer ties to practice, and the students through practice-oriented training at the cutting edge of development.

More detailed information on the range of applied research and development is available on the websites of the respective universities (see links for further information). In particular, the universities' knowledge and technology transfer offices are available as contacts for interested companies (see links to further information).

The transfer portal BayDat-Online (see "Further information") enables users to search for information as well as contacts and cooperation partners at all Bavarian universities. Concrete requests for cooperation can be submitted directly and offers of cooperation can be viewed.

Since 2009, technology transfer centers have been set up at universities to build on the region's economic structure and strengthen technology transfer from the university's applied research and development to companies in the region. 30 such centers have already been established or are currently being set up at university or university-related locations. For this purpose, state subsidies are provided for a limited period of up to 5 years with the expectation that these centers will then be predominantly self-supporting. For this reason, too, it is necessary that third-party funds raised are already available to a considerable extent as part of the start-up financing for the establishment of the technology transfer center. All necessary additional structural requirements (including e.g. building maintenance) must also be provided by third parties (region, industry, municipality). After a successful evaluation at the end of the start-up phase, further state funds can be made available in the sense of basic financing.


Within the framework of the available equipment - which also includes third-party funds acquired - the universities carry out applied research and development projects. Since 2008, applied research at (technical) universities has also been supported by funding programs of the State Ministry for Science and the Arts.


  • Remuneration is agreed for application-related research and development projects carried out by universities on behalf of companies.

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