Carry out vocational orientation measures for pupils

If you want to give young people an in-depth insight into the world of work and careers, you can, under certain conditions, carry out a vocational orientation measure with pupils.


With a vocational orientation measure, you as a measure provider or education service provider give pupils an in-depth insight into the world of work and professions and provide them with more clarity in their choice of training or study. In doing so, you provide them with practical impressions of the world of work, for example during visits to companies or internships. Your measure complements offers of vocational orientation at school and vocational counselling.
Vocational orientation measures also provide pupils with

  • Information on occupational fields,
  • help in exploring their interests,
  • more clarity about their abilities (through tests and testing procedures),
  • strategies for career choice and decision-making,
  • better self-assessment by allowing them to reflect on their aptitudes, inclinations and abilities through the interventions,
  • strategies for getting where they want to go.

The following elements are excluded as central components of your career orientation measures, but can be a part of them under certain circumstances:

  • job application training,
  • individual coaching,
  • general education and mother-tongue teaching,
  • coordination of vocational orientation offers.

The students are accompanied by socio-pedagogical staff.

The measures can be carried out on a modular basis in one block or spread over several dates over one or more school years.

The contracting party is the Employment Agency if it advertises the measure. The Employment Agency can also participate financially in measures run by third parties (by making grants to the third party). The educational service provider is then commissioned, for example, by:

  • Land,
  • municipality,
  • chambers,
  • schools and support associations,
  • companies,
  • in exceptional cases, the sponsor of the measure or an association of sponsors, if this share amounts to at least 25 per cent of the total costs.

You would like to carry out vocational orientation measures for pupils of general education schools. This includes

  • Grammar schools,
  • regular schools,
  • secondary schools,
  • secondary schools,
  • secondary schools,
  • secondary schools,
  • comprehensive schools,
  • community schools and
  • special schools.

General education schools are not:

  • Abendgymnasien,
  • night schools,
  • vocational schools,
  • vocational colleges,
  • technical colleges,
  • evening secondary schools and
  • colleges.


If you as an educational service provider want to carry out a vocational orientation measure on behalf of the Federal Employment Agency, you must have been approved in advance by an accredited competent body.
This also applies to vocational orientation measures set up by third parties and in which the Federal Employment Agency participates.


  • The Federal Employment Agency conducts the purchase of labour market services exclusively by electronic means.
  • Apply for a call for tenders for educational institutions in your region within the specified bidding period.
    • At the time of the invitation to tender, there is already a legally binding commitment to cover the costs from the co-financier. The co-financier can be found in the tender documents.
  • As part of the award procedure, you will be informed by the responsible regional purchasing centre of the Federal Employment Agency whether you, as the training service provider, have been awarded the contract to carry out the vocational orientation measure.
  • The contract will be awarded to the most economical offer. The most economical offer is determined by the best price-performance ratio.
  • Following a public tendering procedure, the "vocational guidance measure" will be implemented by means of a service contract under private law. Before implementing the vocational orientation measure, you need the consent of all participating pupils. In the case of minors, you need the signature of a parent or guardian.


Please observe the deadlines for submission of the tender specified in the award procedure.

Processing time

6 bis 12 Monate

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    If it is a vocational orientation measure that is carried out on behalf of the Employment Agency, the required documents will be announced when the invitation to tender is issued.
    In principle, you must submit a coherent concept, including:

    • a description of the organisational and content-related design as well as the tasks of all parties involved in the implementation and their interactions, for example in guidelines, funding modules or award documents.
    • Commitment declarations by schools
    • Cooperation agreements
    • Cost regulation: financing plan or cost calculation or overall price


  • There are no costs for the participants.

    Gebühr: keine


  • If you, as an educational service provider, have an interest in a public contract and consider that your rights have been violated due to non-compliance with procurement regulations, you can file an application for review with the Federal Cartel Office, Federal Procurement Chambers.
  • If a legal need for action arises during the implementation of the private-law service contract of the vocational orientation measure (for example, in the event of a breach of contractual obligations on the part of the contracting authority), the civil court at the seat of the respective Regional Purchasing Centre of the Federal Employment Agency that issued the invitation to tender is responsible.


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