Growth and expansion - Marketing of products and services

One way to expand your business is to remarket your products and services, opening up new markets and target groups.


Here you will find information about formalities related to this subject:

  • Old-age provision and basic pension contracts; application for certification

    If you wish to market tax-incentivized pension or basic annuity contracts, you must first apply for certification for these and be granted certification by the certification body - the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt).

  • Retirement and basic pension contracts; declaration of waiver of certification.

    If you wish to waive certification of a pension or basic pension contract for the future, you can declare a corresponding waiver.

  • Order guarantee; application
    Under the "Order Guarantees" program, LfA Förderbank Bayern provides default guarantees for sureties on domestic and foreign orders as well as for order-related pre-financing assumed or granted by the applicants' principal banks.
  • Carry out vocational orientation measures for pupils

    If you want to give young people an in-depth insight into the world of work and careers, you can, under certain conditions, carry out a vocational orientation measure with pupils.

  • Visual artists; application for a studio grant
    Visual artists may receive a monthly grant to cover their studio expenses for a period of two years.
  • Guarantee; application for assumption
    In order to obtain bank loans, it is generally necessary to provide sufficient bank collateral. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular often do not have such collateral. They therefore have difficulty in covering their capital requirements. Guarantees from LfA-Förderbank Bayern and Bürgschaftsbank Bayern are also intended to enable these companies to take out loans.
  • Computer game; application for funding
    The Free State of Bavaria supports the production and development of high-quality and non-violent computer and video games with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs.
  • Extended Realities; application for funding

    The Free State of Bavaria supports the development of high-quality, creative XR formats that are particularly innovative in terms of user experience. To strengthen Bavaria as a media location, the program also supports the presentation of XR projects developed in Bavaria at selected international festivals and conferences.

  • Film and television; application for funding

    The FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (FFF Bayern) is responsible for film funding in Bavaria. It supports the production of theatrical and television films. Other funding areas include, for example, script, newcomer, distribution and sales funding, as well as film theaters, series, web series, virtual reality. International co-productions and visual effects (VFX) are also funded.

  • Private vocational school; grant application.

    An operating subsidy is granted for the necessary personnel and school expenses of private - state-approved or state-recognized - vocational schools.

  • Economic development; information on municipal funding opportunities

    Counties and municipalities can support investment projects of foreign or domestic investors in the region.

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