Customs; online declaration of the dispatch of commercial goods via the Union transit procedure

If you conduct customs-relevant trade in the EU and want to use the Union transit procedure, you must participate in the automated customs clearance system ATLAS and declare your goods shipment to customs. You can use a customs internet platform for this purpose.



You or your company must

  • be an economic operator within the meaning of customs law. This means that you are involved in activities that fall under customs law within the scope of your business activities;
  • have active access to the IT procedure "ATLAS Versand" or have commissioned a service provider to do so.


To declare the shipment of your merchandise to customs online via the Union transit procedure, proceed as follows:

  • Access the customs internet platform for the ATLAS internet transit declaration, follow the instructions and fill out the form completely.
  • Click on "Complete IVA". You will receive the order number as confirmation of the successful transmission of your Internet transit declaration data.
  • Print the Internet Shipping Application in duplicate and sign it.
  • Present the signed Internet transit declaration and the order number to the responsible customs office of departure. Only the signed IVA printout is a written transit declaration and must be accepted by the customs office.
  • Keep the documents required for placing the goods under the transit procedure at hand for any subsequent customs inspections.


You must submit the printed and signed Internet transit declaration to the relevant customs office within 30 days.

Processing time

Your Internet shipping application will be processed as quickly as possible.

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    • Participant identification number (TIN)

    Please enquire at your responsible main customs office whether you need to submit further documents.

Online procedures


  • There are no costs for you.


No remedies are provided for this benefit.


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