Customs; online export declaration

If you are exporting goods from Germany to a country outside the European Union (third country), you can make the customs declaration via the Internet under certain conditions.



You can use IAA Plus if you are transferring Union goods for export and have to submit an export declaration.


To declare an export to Customs via IAA Plus:

  • Access the "Internet Export Declaration Plus" page.
  • For the registration and the signature of your data you need
    • the EORI number (TIN) and
    • an ELSTER certificate.
  • Enter the relevant export data in the mask.
  • It is possible to save individual data and correct them later up to the time of export. There is no control, so that errors may only be noticed during the export process.

There are 2 variants for the procedure:

  • The two-step export procedure:
    • In this case, you declare the export of goods to customs via IAA-Plus.
    • The responsible inland customs office takes care of the pre-clearance at customs or on request ("presentation outside the office") at your company and sends you the export accompanying document.
    • Final customs clearance is possible at any EU border customs office, provided that the export accompanying document is available there.
    • After clearance, you will automatically receive an export note in your IAA Plus mailbox.
  • The simplified declaration with formal authorisation:
    • Here, too, you report the export to customs via IAA-Plus.
    • The delivery is then released immediately by the responsible inland customs office.
    • An electronic check is carried out to determine whether your company has received a simplified export licence for the goods and the recipient country.
    • Here too, any EU border customs office can clear the delivery and an electronic confirmation follows.


You do not have to meet any deadlines.

Processing time

Usually in a few minutes.

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    You do not need to submit any documentation.

Online procedures

  • Internetausfuhranmeldung Plus des Zolles (IAA Plus)

    Mit der Internetausfuhranmeldung Plus steht Ihnen ein Portal zur Verfügung, das den Zugang zum IT-Verfahren ATLAS ermöglicht. Es bietet allen Wirtschaftsbeteiligten die Möglichkeit als Teilnehmer gegenüber dem IT-Verfahren ATLAS-Ausfuhr mit dem Ziel aufzutreten, komfortabel und sicher alle ausfuhrrelevanten Sachverhalte über das Internet abzuwickeln, ohne zusätzliche Software installieren zu müssen oder auf die Dienstleistungen eines IT-Unternehmens angewiesen zu sein.


  • There is no cost to you for using IAA Plus.


  • Appeal
  • finance court action


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