Customs; declaration of postal or courier consignments up to EUR 150.00

If you wish to declare goods in consignments of up to EUR 150.00 in Germany, you can use a simplified electronic customs declaration.



  • The consignment is of negligible value within the meaning of customs law.
  • The goods in the consignment are duty free and not subject to excise duty.
  • The goods in the consignment are not subject to any prohibitions or restrictions.


  • You can make the customs declaration online in the Citizen and Business Customer Portal of the Customs Administration:
  • Call up the Citizen and Business Customer Portal and log in.
  • Go to the menu item "Internet declaration for postal and courier consignments" (IPK) and complete the declaration.
  • Submit the registration.
  • Your registration will be checked.
  • You will receive a confirmation of your registration or a message in your mailbox at the Citizen and Business Customer Portal.


If a special deadline, for example storage time at a customs office, is to be observed, you will be informed separately.

Processing time

  • usually 15 minutes for automated processing.

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    You may be required to submit additional documentation when requested by customs, for example:

    • Invoice

Online procedures


  • You can make the customs declaration free of charge; if necessary, additional costs will be incurred for the delivery of the shipment.


  • Objection.
  • Appeal.
    For detailed information on how to file an appeal, see the appeal in the tax assessment.


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