Customs; declaration of goods in case of transport for NATO or partner forces

If you are transporting goods for NATO or partner forces, these can be imported into Germany duty-free under certain conditions. However, the goods must be declared to customs.



  • The goods are for the said armed forces within the meaning of customs law, and
  • you are transporting the goods on behalf of the armed forces, and
  • the consignment contains only goods intended for the armed forces.


You must submit the customs declaration in writing:

  • To declare, use form 302. You must submit at least 2 copies to the customs office.
  • A competent transport or customs officer will complete the top half of the front of the form in full, including the description of the goods. This must confirm that the consignment is being transported on behalf of the Armed Forces and contains only goods intended for them.
  • The carrier will sign the undertaking at the top of the reverse side of the form.
  • You must present the form to the customs office at the time of import, export or transit.
  • The customs office will note the clearance of the goods on the back and set a deadline for you to present the Armed Forces Acknowledgement of Receipt of the goods.
  • A copy will be returned to you.
  • After the armed forces have acknowledged receipt of the goods at the bottom of the front of the form, the customs office receives this copy as a return receipt. The procedure is thus completed.


Since German troop customs law does not provide for any special time limits, the time limits of EU customs law apply.

Processing time

  • usually 60 minutes

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    You do not need to submit any additional documentation.


  • You can make the customs declaration free of charge.


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