Foreign trade - Customs and customs documents

If you are in the import business or export business, you must comply with a number of customs regulations.


Here you will find information about formalities related to this subject:

  • Import of goods; customs declaration

    If you are importing goods into Germany from outside the EU, you can submit the customs declaration via the Internet.

  • Customs; request for binding tariff information

    In order to simplify the customs clearance of goods when importing into the European internal market, you can apply for a binding tariff information (BTI) beforehand.

  • Customs administration; General information
    The administration of customs duties, excise duties regulated by federal law, including import turnover tax, as well as various transfer taxes, is one of the tasks of the Federal Finance Administration, i.e. the Federal Ministry of Finance as the supreme service authority and its subordinate authorities (Federal Central Tax Office, General Customs Directorate, main customs offices, customs offices).

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