Rechnungsstellung und Mahnwesen - Mediation und außergerichtliche Instrumente

Bei Zahlungsrückständen haben Sie auch die Möglichkeit einer außergerichtlichen Einigung, die Ihnen den Weg zum Gericht ersparen kann.


Here you will find information about formalities related to this subject:

  • Güterichterverfahren; information on the implementation

    As a party to a civil or family law dispute, you are offered the opportunity before all Bavarian courts as an alternative to a contentious court hearing to find a voluntary conflict resolution oriented to the interests of all parties under the guidance of specially trained judges.

  • Atonement; application

    In the case of certain minor offences that generally have little impact on the general public (so-called private prosecution offences, e.g. insult, damage to property), public prosecution is only brought by the public prosecutor's office if this is in the public interest. If the prosecution is not taken over by the public prosecutor's office, the injured party may bring a private action against the accused. In certain cases, however, private action may be brought only after an attempt at atonement has been made unsuccessfully before the municipality.

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