Trade inspection; information on the examination of legally required notifications

The labor inspectorates at the governments are recipients of various legally required notifications in the areas of plant safety, protection of certain groups of people, and protection of the general public and the environment.


Notifications to the trade supervisory office are required for the operation or construction of certain technical facilities, the performance of certain activities, certain incidents and in the event of possible hazards to employees from the activities they perform, unless a special permit is even required.

The following is a list of the most important areas in which notification to the competent trade supervisory office is required by law:

  • Employment of a pregnant woman, as well as training of a pregnant woman in the course of school or university education.
  • fatal accident at work involving certain work equipment in accordance with the Industrial Safety Ordinance
  • Damage in which components or safety-related equipment of certain work equipment failed in accordance with the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health
  • Accident or operational malfunction that led to serious damage to the health of employees during activities involving hazardous substances
  • cases of illness or death caused by activities involving hazardous substances
  • Activities in which asbestos dust or dust from materials containing asbestos is or may be released
  • Fumigation and pest control activities
  • Handling and circulation of explosive substances
  • Loss of explosive substances
  • Accident occurring during the handling or circulation of explosive substances
  • Fireworks for burning pyrotechnic articles
  • Blasting with explosive substances
  • Operation of certain X-ray equipment
  • Construction sites with specific duration or scope of work
  • Work in compressed air
  • Loss of a permit or certificate of competence


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