Piecework; application for an exemption from the employment ban.

In certain cases, you can apply for an exemption from the employment ban.


The employment of juveniles with piecework and other work in which a higher remuneration can be achieved through an increased work rate, as well as with work at a prescribed work rate is prohibited. This shall not apply only if juveniles are employed in a work group with adult workers, insofar as this is necessary to achieve their training goal, or if they have completed vocational training for this employment and the protection of the juveniles is ensured by the supervision of an expert.

Similarly, employment of a pregnant or breastfeeding woman with piecework or other work in which a higher rate of pay can be obtained through an increased pace of work, with assembly line work or clocked work with a prescribed pace of work, if the type of work or the pace of work poses an irresponsible risk to the pregnant or breastfeeding woman or her child, prohibited An exception to the prohibition of piecework, other work in which the increased pace of work can yield higher pay, or assembly line work may be granted by the supervisory authority only if the nature of the work and the pace of work do not pose an irresponsible hazard to the pregnant or nursing woman or to her child.

Finally, members of the driving staff of trucks and buses may not be remunerated according to the distances traveled or the quantity of goods carried, even in the form of bonuses or supplements, except for remuneration that does not affect road safety.


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim

Status: 31.01.2023

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