African swine fever; application for designation by food establishment.

If you wish to slaughter, cut and process a pig from the restricted zones or store the meat and meat products during an outbreak of African swine fever, you must apply for the designation of the establishment.


African swine fever is a category A animal disease and must therefore be controlled. The domestic pig and the wild boar are susceptible. The disease is not dangerous for humans. However, it can cause considerable damage in pig herds. For pigs, the infection is fatal in the vast majority of cases. The virus persists for months, especially in meat and meat products, and remains contagious.

Once African swine fever has broken out, various restricted zones are established.

  • In the case of the outbreak in domestic pigs:
    • Restricted zone III
      It includes the protection zone with at least 3 km radius around the outbreak site and the surveillance zone with at least 10 km radius around the outbreak site.
    • If necessary, exclusion zone I
      It adjoins exclusion zone III on the outside.
  • In the case of the wild boar outbreak:
    • Restricted zone II
      It includes the infected zone. This is defined with a radius of about 15 km around the place where the infected wild boar was found.
    • Restricted zone I
      This is defined with a radius of approx. 45 km around the outbreak location.

A designation is required for

  • the immediate slaughter of pigs kept in restricted zones II and III
  • the cutting, processing and storage of fresh meat and meat products, including animal casings, obtained from pigs kept in restriction zones II and III
  • the dressing of wild game and the processing and storage of fresh meat and meat products from wild boar obtained in restriction zones I, II and III
  • the dressing of wild game and the processing and storage of fresh meat and meat products of wild boar, provided that they are located in restricted zones I, II and III.

Exceptions are possible for

  • cutting plants
  • processing plants
  • storage establishments

Exemptions are granted by the competent district administrative authorities for establishments not approved under food law. In the case of establishments approved under food law, the competent government or the Bavarian Food Safety and Veterinary Control Authority issues the exemption.


  • Constructional and / or organizational requirements for the separation of live pigs from differently regulated restricted zones
  • Constructional and / or organizational requirements for the separation of commodity flows
  • Ensuring traceability and traceability of supply chains
  • Existence of an emergency concept
  • If necessary, facilities for risk-reducing treatment


The applications with attachments are to be submitted to the respective competent district administrative authority (veterinary office).

After preliminary examination and plausibility check, the applications are forwarded to the respective government.

Special notes

The concepts and evidence must be submitted in writing.



Processing time

The processing time is 2 weeks after complete submission of all documents and after any necessary changes.


Please select a location in "Localization" so that the address of the responsible authority can be filled in.


  • 150 till 1000 EUR

Status: 09.02.2023

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