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Flawless feed is a prerequisite for healthy animals and for healthy food. For this reason, feed business operators are monitored and feed is inspected.


The monitoring of feed is a matter for the federal states. Official feed monitoring is a basic building block of consumer health protection. The production and feeding of safe feed is a prerequisite for the production of safe and high-quality animal food. It is also crucial for the health and welfare of animals.

In Bavaria, the Government of Upper Bavaria is responsible for the enforcement of feed legislation. The Government of Upper Bavaria performs the task of official feed monitoring centrally for all Bavarian administrative districts.

The main tasks of the Government of Upper Bavaria are

  • carrying out inspections at all levels of feed production and distribution
  • the evaluation of the test results of the feed samples
  • the initiation of measures in the event of infringements of feed law regulations
  • carrying out approval and registration procedures
  • carrying out cross-compliance controls on farms.

Feed sampling is mainly carried out on a decentralized basis by the district administrative authorities. Between 2,500 and 3,000 official feed samples are taken in Bavaria each year.

The Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) is the central technical authority for food safety, health, veterinary affairs and occupational health and safety/product safety. In the area of feed monitoring, the LGL is responsible for examining the samples and performs an advisory function, in particular by preparing expert opinions and statements.

The highest supervisory authority for the area of official feed monitoring in Bavaria is the State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection. There, the requirements of the European Union and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture are implemented.
Another important task is the coordination of feed control in Bavaria. There is close cooperation with the enforcement authority, the investigation and research institutions, customs and the judiciary.


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