Measuring instruments; request for calibration

During calibration, the relationship between the measured value of the output variable and the corresponding value of the input variable is determined under specified conditions. A comparison is made with a reference of the same unit.


As a matter of principle, measuring instruments that are not approved for calibration and are not used in legal metrology are calibrated. This proves the traceability of the calibration result to recognized national and international norms/standards, which is required by the quality management standards of the DIN EN ISO 9000 series.

In the laboratory of the German Calibration Service (DKD) at the Landshut-Passau calibration office, Landshut branch, calibrations of weights and measures, nominal value 1 mg to 50 kg, and their volume determination up to 1250 cm3 are carried out. This is a voluntary quality assurance measure (possibly required by ISO 9000ff. standard).

If you have any further questions, please contact the Weights and Measures Office Landshut-Passau, Landshut office.


The decision for a calibration depends on various aspects and should be chosen:

  • For measuring equipment used as test standards in the company (reference measuring instrument).
  • For proof of traceability to external bodies, especially abroad.

The validity period is not specified. It is always the responsibility of the user.


A calibration is generally documented by a written protocol. The DAkkS calibration certificate discloses all calibration results, the reference standards and auxiliary equipment used in the measurement, the environmental conditions and the calculated measurement uncertainty. Calibration certificates from accredited laboratories are unquestionable traceability certificates and have international validity.

Status: 13.06.2022

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