View debtor register

Under certain conditions, you can view the debtor register online in the Joint Enforcement Portal of the federal states.



Inspection of the debtor register is possible

  • for the purposes of compulsory enforcement,
  • to fulfill legal obligations to check economic reliability
  • to check the requirements for the granting of public benefits,
  • to avert economic disadvantages that may result from debtors failing to meet their payment obligations,
  • for the purposes of criminal prosecution and the execution of sentences
  • to provide information about entries concerning yourself,
  • for the purposes of supervising judicial officers who are involved with the debtor register.


You can view the debtor register online via the Joint Enforcement Portal of the federal states. Proceed as follows:

Inspection by registered debtors (self-disclosure):

  • Submit an application to the enforcement court responsible for you.
  • You will receive an activation code (PIN) in writing by post.

Registration by other persons:

  • Open the Joint Enforcement Portal of the federal states.
  • You can register either with or without your ID card with eID function:
    • Registration with ID card with eID function:
      • Select "Registration with new ID card".
      • You will then be directed to the ID card app, which will open in a separate window. Please follow the instructions displayed there.
    • Registration without a new ID card:
      • Select "Registration information".
      • Enter your data and submit the form by clicking "Save".
      • You will receive an e-mail with further instructions.


  • Once you have successfully registered, you will receive an e-mail and an activation number (PIN) by post. If you register with the new ID card, activation is not necessary. You will not receive an e-mail or PIN and can log in immediately.
  • Click on the first link in the e-mail you receive.
  • Enter the e-mail address and PIN you provided during registration and assign a password of your choice. Accept the legal information and select "Log in".

Log in after activation:

  • Select "Log in public" and then either "Log in" or "Log in with new ID card" and enter your user name and password there.
  • You can now search the debtor directory and retrieve data.

Registration for registered debtors (self-disclosure):

  • Select "Log in public" and then "Self-disclosure for registered debtors" and enter your name and PIN.


There is no deadline.

Processing time

There are no processing times. The automated mailing of the PIN letter usually takes 2 days within Germany.

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    You do not need to submit any documents.

Online procedures


  • A fee of EUR 4.50 is charged for each data record submitted for inspection. The fee is also charged if it is merely stated that no entry is recorded for this debtor. Self-disclosure for registered debtors is free of charge.
    fee: 4,5 EUR


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