Narcotics; monitoring of narcotics traffic.

The movement of narcotics in pharmacies, medical and dental offices, hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and various other facilities is monitored by health departments.


The health offices of the district administrative authorities are responsible for monitoring narcotics traffic in pharmacies, medical and dental practices, hospitals, old people's and nursing homes, hospices, facilities for specialized outpatient palliative care, facilities of the emergency services and facilities in which treatment with the substitution substance diamorphine takes place. District municipalities that do not perform the tasks of the health offices involve the locally responsible health office.

Objects of the examination are in particular

  • whether the prescribed record keeping on index cards and in narcotics books or as computer-aided record keeping is carried out properly and index cards and narcotics books are kept separately
  • whether the regulations on prescribing narcotics have been observed
  • whether the narcotics are stored separately and secured against unauthorized withdrawal
  • whether records of the destruction of narcotics have been made and whether they comply with the legal requirements
  • whether, if applicable, the stock of narcotics in the accounting records and the actual stock are the same
  • whether, in the course of substitution by the substituting physician, the legal requirements - in particular the required documentation - have been complied with.


Narcotics may only be prescribed on special prescriptions by physicians who are registered with the Federal Opium Agency. Only physicians qualified in addiction medicine are allowed to substitute drug addicts. Other physicians may only substitute if they consult with a physician qualified in addiction medicine at the beginning of treatment.




Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim

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