Food contact materials; application for authorisation of active and intelligent substances

Do you want to use active and intelligent substances for materials that come into contact with food? Then you need to apply for approval on the European Commission's online portal E-Submission Food Chain Platform.



- The content and form of your application and the accompanying documents must comply with the requirements of EFSA's guidance.


You can apply for the approval of active and intelligent substances in food contact exclusively online via the ESFC portal of the European Commission. The process goes through different phases with different stakeholders and responsibilities:

  • Upload your application, prepared according to EFSA's specifications, directly to the platform. Follow the procedure described in the so-called user guide of the platform.
  • The BVL will receive the application if you select it as the national contact point.
  • After successful completion of the formal review, the BVL forwards the application within the platform to the responsibility of EFSA.
  • EFSA takes over the scientific review and publishes information on received applications in scientific opinions.
  • Via the Open EFSA Portal, you and other interested parties can follow the status of applications up to the publication of the scientific opinion.
  • The European Commission, with the involvement of the EU member states, decides on the actual authorization.


There are no deadlines for submission.

Processing time

- You will receive a confirmation of receipt within 14 days. - The BVL usually needs no more than 4 weeks for the initial review of your application. Queries or additional requests as well as your reaction times may influence the duration. Only when the documents are complete, the BVL forwards them to EFSA. (0 bis 4 Wochen)

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    - You have to submit the application documents according to the requirements of the so-called Guideline document of EFSA.

Online procedures

  • E-Submission Food Chain Platform (ESFC) der Europäischen Kommission

    Über die ESFC-Plattform der Europäischen Kommission reichen Sie Anträge im Bereich der Risikobewertung von Lebensmitteln sowie im Bereich Lebensmittelkontaktmaterialien elektronisch ein. Um die Plattform zu nutzen, benötigen Sie ein "EU Login"-Nutzerkonto. Wenn Sie noch keines haben, müssen Sie sich registrieren.


  • There are no costs involved.


- You file an appeal against a decision directly with the authorizing body, i.e. the European Commission.


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