European Technical Assessment; Application

If you would like to obtain a European Technical Assessment (ETA) for your construction product, you can apply for one at Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt).



The determination of the product performance shall be based on the assessment procedures laid down in the EAD and the assumptions, if any, contained therein under which the product performance can be achieved. In the absence of an EAD, the assessment body shall first develop one.


You must apply for an ETA in writing:

  • Complete the form for requesting the issue of an ETA in full.
  • Send it to DIBt together with the required documents.
  • DIBt checks the completeness of your documents and clarifies whether there is already an assessment basis for your construction product in the form of a European Assessment Document.
  • If no (completely) applicable assessment document exists, an agreement on the protection of business secrecy and confidentiality as well as a contract for the issuing of the European Technical Assessment must be concluded.
  • A test plan is then drawn up and you receive a recommendation for a suitable testing institute.
  • You prepare the necessary test reports at an institute of your choice.
  • Finally, DIBt evaluates the test reports and issues the ETA.
  • DIBt recommends a regular technical review of the ETA and, if necessary, an adjustment to the state of the art.



Processing time

Usually a few months, depending on the complexity of the product, the testing effort and the capacities of the inspection body to be involved.

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    • Technical file of the manufacturer
    • Documentation shall be provided indicating that a European Assessment Document (EAD) can be used as a basis for establishing the performance of the product or enabling such an assessment document to be developed.



  • Depending on the complexity of the product between about EUR 2,000 and EUR 30,000


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