Armor, glass and protective equipment; material testing

For preventive measures in the field of personal and property protection, both reinforced semi-finished and finished products are required. The bombardment offices therefore carry out material tests in this sense.


For preventive measures in the field of personal and property protection, both reinforced semi-finished products (e.g. laminated fabric and glass) and finished products (e.g. helmets and protective vests) are required. To compare the protective properties of the products, quality testing according to various standards and guidelines is required by independent bodies. Therefore, the inspection offices carry out material tests in this sense.

Typical test objects are:

  • Bulletproof vests: Bulletproof vests or parts thereof are tested by firing them in front of plasticine plates. Various types of projectiles with different velocities are fired at the test specimen. The protective value of the material is determined by the ability of the test sample to resist specific projectiles and by the depth of penetration in the plasticine. Materials used for personal protection are also tested for impact and puncture protection using standardized methods.
  • Bulletproof glass and other reinforcements: Testing of the bullet-resistant properties of attack-resistant materials is performed for bullet penetration and/or bullet penetration limits. The test parameters, such as projectile type, projectile velocity and bullet distance, are specified in the various standards. Burglar-resistant properties of glazing are tested for penetration resistance using a machine impact test, and for bullet resistance using a ball drop test.

If you have any questions, please contact the responsible ballistics office (Munich or Mellrichstadt).


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