Equipment, goods and materials - Product safety

Products for private consumption must be safe and harmless to health. This applies to the intended use, but also for foreseeable misuse. The manufacturer or importer is liable for this safety.


Here you will find information about formalities related to this subject:

  • Ethics committee; application for registration

    If you want to evaluate clinical trials of medicinal products as a public ethics committee, you must first register with the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM).

  • European Technical Assessment; Application

    If you would like to obtain a European Technical Assessment (ETA) for your construction product, you can apply for one at Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt).

  • Genetic engineering; approval and monitoring
    Genetic engineering comprises molecular biological methods for the targeted modification of genetic material. The handling of genetic engineering is defined by the Genetic Engineering Act. In Bavaria, the governments of Lower Franconia (for northern Bavaria) and Upper Bavaria (for southern Bavaria) are responsible for enforcing the Genetic Engineering Act.
  • Food control; control of tobacco products, cosmetics and consumer goods
    The official food control not only controls food, but also consumer goods, cosmetics and tobacco products in order to ensure consumer protection.
  • Medical devices; monitoring of operators
    The factory inspectorates check the operation of medical-technical devices.
  • Ammunition; testing and approval
    Ammunition intended for trade is approved by the firing offices with regard to correct marking, dimensions and compliance with the maximum permissible gas pressure.
  • Armor, glass and protective equipment; material testing
    For preventive measures in the field of personal and property protection, both reinforced semi-finished and finished products are required. In order to compare the protective properties of the products, quality testing in accordance with various standards and guidelines is required by independent bodies. The bombardment offices therefore carry out material tests along these lines.
  • Substance consumer protection; market surveillance

    Substance-related consumer protection or market surveillance is primarily understood to mean the monitoring of the placing on the market of substances, mixtures and articles by manufacturers, importers and users as well as wholesalers and retailers.

  • Technical consumer protection; market surveillance Product safety
    The mission of the trade inspectorate at the governments is to ensure safe products in the area of technical consumer protection.

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