Species protection law; information on enforcement

Many animal and plant species are highly endangered. Therefore, international treaties, EU law, federal law and state law regulate trade in endangered species. However, they also protect against access to these species and their habitats/sites in the wild.


In order to combat the further decline of species, a differentiated system of protection has been introduced internationally, at European, German and Bavarian level. According to this system, depending on the protection status, access (taking, damaging, destroying, stalking, catching, injuring, killing, certain disturbances) to animals and plants as well as their habitats/locations in the wild, possession, import and export and marketing are prohibited.

In addition, there may be further obligations (e.g. identification obligation, reporting obligation, notification of keeping). However, if certain conditions are met, the prohibited acts are permitted by way of exception or may be permitted by way of exception upon application (especially for research purposes).

You therefore need an exception or exemption, for example, if you are exempt from the access, possession or marketing prohibitions of the Federal Nature Conservation Act for

  • Specially protected animal species (e.g. moles, swallows, dormice)
  • Specially protected plant species (e.g. certain orchids, arnica)

want to deviate.

In principle, the governments, as higher nature conservation authorities, allow exceptions to the prohibitions under species protection law.


You can submit your application in an informal letter to the contact person named below. The application is also possible by e-mail.

Special notes

For beavers and hornets, the district administrative authorities are responsible as lower nature conservation authorities (district office or independent city). They also issue certificates for trade in species protected under EU law, for example, or accept notifications of the keeping of specially protected animals in accordance with the Federal Species Protection Ordinance.

Import and export permits are issued by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim

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    Im Rahmen der Artenhilfsprogramme des Landesamtes für Umwelt werden Schutzmaßnahmen für besonders gefährdete Pflanzen konzipiert und gestartet.

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    Im Rahmen der Artenhilfsprogramme des Landesamtes für Umwelt werden Schutzmaßnahmen für besonders gefährdete Tierarten konzipiert und durchgeführt.

  • Artenschutz

    Das Bundesamt für Naturschutz bearbeitet eine Vielzahl von Aufgabenfeldern aus dem Bereich des Artenschutzes.


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