Emissions trading; application for an emissions permit, emissions allowance or information from the emissions trading register

You can apply for an emissions permit, emissions authorization or information from the emissions trading register.


EU emissions trading reduces the emission of climate-damaging gases in Europe on a market basis. By setting maximum limits, greenhouse gas emissions are given a price that is formed on the market. Emissions trading thus stimulates investment in climate-friendly technologies.

Plant operators need a permit to release greenhouse gases, the so-called emissions permit. In the case of plants licensed under the provisions of the German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) before January 1, 2013, the BImSchG permit is also the emissions permit. The 2011 amendment to the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Act introduced the instrument of a separate emissions permit to be issued on application.


Who is obliged to participate in emissions trading and who needs emission allowances (emission certificates) for the operation of his plant, results from the detailed enumeration of activities in Annex 1 of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Act. Anyone who is nevertheless unsure whether their plant falls under the TEHG has had the opportunity since the amendment to the Act to have this decided by the competent authority. This concerns a separate emissions permit or a determination that an installation does not fall within the scope of the TEHG.


Companies contact their otherwise responsible immission control authority and submit their application for an emissions permit there with the necessary information.

The immission control authority confirms the correctness of the information concerning the respective plant and forwards the process directly to the Bavarian State Office for the Environment.

The Bavarian State Office for the Environment decides and informs the company whether, as a participant in emissions trading, it must contact the German Emissions Trading Authority at the Federal Environment Agency (DEHSt) in Berlin for the necessary emissions certificates.

Companies can also contact the Bavarian State Office for the Environment directly.

All other processes of the procedure are regulated by the DEHSt.

Special notes

The German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt) at the Federal Environment Agency in Berlin is almost exclusively responsible for enforcing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Act (TEHG) in Germany. This concerns, among other things, the allocation of allowances for the emission of greenhouse gases to the companies obliged to participate in EU emissions trading, the approval of the monitoring plans to be submitted by these companies and the review of the annual emissions reports.

The Länder are responsible for approving the release of greenhouse gases (emissions permit) for stationary installations.

The DEHSt at the Federal Environment Agency is also responsible for enforcing the BEHG. The BEHG creates the basis for trading in certificates for emissions from fuels and provides for the pricing of these emissions insofar as they are not covered by EU emissions trading.


The dates are published on the DEHSt website (see under "Further links").

Required documents

  • The required documents depend on the individual case.

    Please inquire at the DEHSt.

Online procedures

  • DEHSt-Plattform

    The DEHSt platform is a server-based web application. It provides separate data entry applications for reports, notifications and applications in the DEHSt enforcement procedures as required. It supports applicants and verifier organizations with completion instructions and input validations to submit data sets that are as error-free and complete as possible.


  • Please inquire at the DEHSt.

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