Scattered fruit; application for a grant for tree plantings

The Free State of Bavaria promotes the acquisition of scattered fruit trees.



The minimum and maximum number of orchard trees per grant application is 10 and 100 trees, respectively.

The orchard trees must meet the following three quality requirements:

  • The high trunk fruit trees must have a trunk height of 180 cm as a rule, but at least 140 cm.
  • The high-stemmed fruit trees apple, pear and cherry must be grafted on a seedling rootstock. Other fruit trees may also be grafted on vigorously vegetatively propagated rootstocks.
  • The trees must be bare-root trees or balled plants. Containerized plants are excluded from eligibility.

The above quality requirements must be confirmed by the nursery on the invoice or on a separate document.



The application for support is to be submitted electronically to the responsible Office for Rural Development. The office responsible is the one for the place where you want to plant the scattered fruit trees.

Select the location where you would like to plant the scattered fruit trees under "On site". Start the application process by clicking on the "Online procedure" tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

The office will check the application and issue the grant notification.


    A payment application must be submitted for the disbursement of the funding.

    The following attachments must be included with the application for payment:

    • the nursery's invoice issued to the grant recipient, including proof of payment and confirmation from the nursery that the trees meet the three quality requirements (see Section A, No. 4: trunk height, rootstock, not containerized), and
    • a list of the locations of the planted scattered fruit trees.

    Special notes

    The projects may not be started before the notification of the funding decision. Projects that have already begun are excluded from funding.

    Please note: Ordering the fruit trees from the tree nursery already counts as the start of the measure.



    Processing time

    • Application for funding: As a rule, you will receive your funding decision after 1 - 2 weeks.
    • Application for payment: As a rule, you will receive your disbursement notice after 1 - 2 weeks.
    • Disbursement of the subsidies: The disbursement takes place on Bavaria-wide uniform disbursement dates. The interval between the disbursement dates is usually 10 weeks.


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