Nature conservation law in road planning; information on enforcement instructions for the application of the Bavarian Compensation Ordinance

For the application of the Bavarian Compensation Ordinance, the State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection has issued a "Biotope Value List". In addition, enforcement instructions for state road construction have been drawn up.


On August 7, 2013, the Bavarian State Government issued the Ordinance on Compensation for Impacts on Nature and the Landscape (Bavarian Compensation Ordinance - BayKompV) (GVBl p. 517; BayRS 791-1-4-UG). It came into force on September 1, 2014 and is to be applied to all procedures that are applied for after the ordinance comes into force or are notified in accordance with a statutory notification requirement or for which the project sponsor applies for its application. By circular of the State Ministry of the Interior, Construction and Transport dated February 28, 2014 Ref.: IIZ7-4021-001/11, the following enforcement instructions were introduced for application in the field of state road construction.

For the biotope value procedure of the Bavarian Compensation Ordinance, the State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection has issued a "List of Biotope Values" in agreement with the departments concerned. It has been published on the Internet of the State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection.

The implementation instructions for the Bavarian Compensation Ordinance for State Road Construction - Implementation Instructions for Road Construction - have been coordinated with the State Ministries for the Environment and Consumer Protection and for Food, Agriculture and Forestry in the interest of uniform application and represent the binding basis for project coordination with the authorities of the nature conservation, agricultural and forestry administration. The provisions of the Implementation Guidelines for Road Construction are inserted as text boxes at the relevant points in the text of the ordinance and the explanatory memorandum for the ordinance.


The use of the enforcement notes requires relevant nature conservation, legal and landscape planning expertise. It is intended for specialists in landscape planning.

Required documents

  • The required documents are determined in each individual case by the project sponsor and the responsible permitting authority.

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