Court proceedings; making a motion or statement on the record

Insofar as, according to the Code of Civil Procedure, applications and declarations in court proceedings can be made on the record of the court registry, the Legal Applications Office of the Local Court will accept your applications and declarations.


In civil proceedings, in the cases provided for this purpose, declarations by the parties do not necessarily have to be submitted to the court in writing, but may also be declared orally on the record of the court registry. These include, for example, the complaint, the statement of defense and other motions and declarations in proceedings before the local courts and, in general, applications for legal aid.

As a matter of principle, the legal application office of the court responsible for the respective legal dispute is responsible. However, you also have the option of contacting the legal application office of any other district court that is conveniently located for you. The legal application office approached will then send the record without delay to the court to which the application or declaration is addressed. The time of receipt of the declaration by the court responsible for the legal dispute is decisive for compliance with the time limit.


  • There are no court costs for recording your request or statement with the Legal Application Office.

Legal bases

Status: 31.03.2023

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