Notice of a fine for a traffic offense; appeal

When you receive a penalty notice for a traffic violation, you can appeal under certain conditions and in compliance with the deadlines.


Upon receipt of a penalty notice for a traffic offense, you can file an objection within two weeks with the administrative authority that issued the penalty notice. The district court decides on the admissible appeal if the administrative authority upholds the fine notice and the public prosecutor's office does not discontinue the proceedings. The district court in whose district the administrative authority has its registered office has jurisdiction, in certain cases also the district court of the place where the offence was committed or of the place of residence of the person concerned.


The addressee of a penalty notice can lodge an appeal against the penalty notice if he or she does not agree with it. This is only possible for third parties if they have a corresponding power of attorney.


In the case of a written declaration, the deadline is only met if the objection is received by the issuing administrative authority before the deadline expires. The statement must be in German. The objection period for penalty notices is two weeks after service of the notice.

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  • No fees are charged by the state for the service.

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Status: 16.09.2022

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