Child and youth care facilities; application for hardship assistance to offset energy and inflation-related cost increases.

Non-municipal child and youth welfare facilities and services in Bavaria can apply for financial support measures as part of hardship assistance as a result of energy and inflation-related cost increases.



A benefit is granted on application if the applicant declares that

  1. the continued operation of the affected facility or service is partially or totally jeopardized as a result of the energy and inflation-related cost increases, or the range or scope of services had to be completely or partially curtailed or must be curtailed in the future, or continued operation would only be possible by fully or partially allocating the cost increases to the beneficiaries because the applicant's energy and inflation-related expenditures in the assistance period (July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023) have increased substantially compared to the comparison period (January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021). A substantial increase is deemed to have occurred if the energy expenditures or other non-personnel expenditures in the assistance period are at least 130% of the corresponding energy or non-personnel expenditures in the comparison period,
  2. this cost increase is not compensated for as a result of renegotiations or renegotiations with cost bearers with regard to the assistance period,
  3. such cost increase is not offset by federal aid or other state aid that also targets the claimed non-personnel expenditures during the assistance period, and
  4. the applicant has taken all possible and reasonable energy conservation measures or other defensive measures of its own and these have not avoided the increase in its expenditure.

The applicant is not required to quantify or provide evidence of the amount of the cost increase when submitting the application. If the energy or material expenses for the assistance period have not yet been determined at the time of application, the applicant may base his or her declaration of hardship on an estimated value. Suitable documentation to prove the actual energy and other material costs for both the assistance period and the comparison period (in particular contracts, invoices, bank statements) must be kept on hand in case of verification.

The financial assistance does not serve to compensate for additional expenses that have arisen due to economic difficulties caused elsewhere or economic situations that threaten the existence of the company and have no connection with the cost increases due to energy and inflation.


You must submit your application to the relevant district government. The district governments are responsible for reviewing the application, granting, paying and, if necessary, reclaiming the benefit.

Special notes

Municipal social institutions, i.e. those that are directly run by the municipalities, are not eligible to apply.


Applications can be submitted until December 31, 2023.

Processing time

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