Entrepreneur loan; application

If you need financing for investments or working capital for your commercial enterprise, you can apply for a favourable loan with repayment-free periods under certain conditions.



Applications may be submitted by

  • Companies in the commercial sector
    • with their registered office in Germany
    • with their registered office abroad, who submit applications for subsidiaries in Germany
    • which have been in existence for at least 5 years
    • which are majority privately owned
  • Sole trader or freelancer
    • with their registered office in Germany
    • with registered offices abroad, which submit applications for subsidiaries in Germany
    • which have existed for at least 5 years or are self-employed
  • commercial social enterprises
    • with the intention of making a profit
    • that have existed for at least 5 years

Further requirements:

  • You must be creditworthy
  • Your measure must be expected to be a sustainable economic success
  • Your company must not pay out any profits or dividends during the term of the loan (standard market distributions or withdrawals for business owners are possible)
  • the term of the loan must be at least 2 years


Your application for funding is submitted in writing to the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) via your house bank/financing partner.

  • You first need a financing partner through whom you then submit your application to KfW. A financing partner can be a bank, savings bank or financial intermediary.
  • Select your financing partner and make an appointment for a consultation. If you are looking for a financing partner, you can use the online consultation request on KfW's website.
  • Before the appointment with the financing partner, prepare your application using the online-based KfW Funding Assistant. To do this, go to the KfW website and enter the information requested by the KfW Funding Assistant. When you have finished, you will automatically receive a summary of the information you have entered. Print out the summary and take it with you to the consultation with your bank/financing partner.
  • During the consultation, your financing partner will check whether your planned measure meets all the requirements and whether you are creditworthy.
  • You complete the loan application together with your financing partner. Your financing partner informs you which further documents you need for your application.
  • Your financing partner submits the completed loan application to KfW. KfW reviews your application and decides on the funding.
  • You will then be informed by KfW via your bank/financing partner whether your loan has been approved.
  • Conclude the loan agreement with your financing partner and start the measure. KfW will pay you the loan amount on demand.
  • When you have completed the measure, you must prove to your financing partner that you have spent all the money from the loan on the measure. You submit this proof to your financing partner.
  • Your financing partner checks and confirms your proof and forwards it to KfW.


  • Application under the KfW Special Programme
    • until 31.12.2020, thereafter regular conditions
    • before the start of the measure
  • Call deadline for the loan: within 12 months of loan approval, in one sum or in instalments
  • Proof of use of the funds via your house bank/financial partner after full disbursement of the loan

Processing time

KfW usually needs 2 to 4 weeks to process your application.

Once you have submitted your application, you can start the measure at your own financial risk.

Required documents

  • Erforderliche Unterlage/n

    You must submit with your application:

    • supplementary information Special measure Corona aid
    • Cumulative declaration of small grants and low-interest loans or
    • Cumulation declaration of the final borrower/participant
    • for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):
      • Simplified SME self-declaration (if your company is independent and not interlinked with other companies) or
      • SME self-declaration (Annexes 3-5) with SME definitions fact sheet (if your company is not independent and is interlinked with other companies)
    • Consent for information requests (e.g. for SCHUFA information)
    • for non-accounting applicants: declaration of consent

    You may have to submit further documents


  • Not applicable




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