Tourism; application for investment support for small and micro-hotel businesses and for visitor flow management

With the support programme "Tourism Bavaria - fit for the future", the Free State of Bavaria is assisting with a vigorous new start after the Corona crisis and is promoting non-commercial small and micro landlords as well as the collection of real-time data relevant to tourism and visitor flow management.



Against the background of the Corona pandemic, the Free State of Bavaria is granting additional subsidies for a powerful new start of the tourism industry after the crisis.


Funding is available for investments in the future viability of small or very small accommodation facilities as well as measures for the collection, processing and provision of tourism-relevant real-time occupancy data in the area of stationary traffic as well as for tourist attractions with the aim of making this data publicly available to users and thus enabling visitor flow management.


Eligible for investments in small and micro-hotels are non-commercial accommodation establishments with a maximum of 25 guest beds, irrespective of their legal form. Non-commerciality is determined by whether the tax assessment treats the income as rental and leasing or agriculture.

All providers of tourist facilities, attractions and parking facilities, regardless of their legal form, can apply for funding for investments in visitor flow management.

Type and scope

The funding is granted within the framework of project funding in the form of share financing or fixed-amount financing as an earmarked grant.

Amount of the grant

Funding is provided for the costs of investments by small or very small accommodation enterprises in their future viability amounting to at least EUR 4,000.00 and up to EUR 30,000.00. The subsidy amounts to up to 50% of the eligible expenditure up to a maximum of EUR 30,000.00.

In the area of the collection of tourism-relevant real-time data for visitor flow management, investments of at least EUR 1,000.00 up to EUR 10,000.00 - in exceptional cases also up to EUR 30,000.00 - are subsidised at 75%.


In the case of measures, the funding application must explain how the measure contributes to the achievement of the objectives. The decisive criterion is the increase in the attractiveness of the specific facility and the contribution to increasing the attractiveness of the destination.

Investments in small and micro-hotel establishments:

  • The subsidy is aimed at landlords insofar as they can be classified as non-commercial when renting out in accordance with their assessment under income tax law.
  • There must be a year-round letting to changing guests in the tourism sector.
  • In addition, the rooms must be made available to tourists on the market for at least 75 percent of the calendar year. The reference year for this is 2019. Furthermore, businesses with reference to rented units in the area of the state capital Munich are excluded.
  • The measures must go beyond cosmetic repairs, which guests take for granted. This includes, in particular, measures to upgrade the interior and exterior, including advertising facilities, measures for the technical modernisation of the establishment, including software and the creation of websites, measures for accessibility, the acquisition of capital goods and replacement purchases, insofar as these serve to modernise the establishment.

Investments in the area of collection of tourism-relevant real-time data for visitor flow management:

  • Funding for measures can be provided if the occupancy data is made available free of charge in the Ausflugsticker Bayern and in future in the Bayern Cloud Tourismus.
  • In addition, the collection and provision of the occupancy data must be relevant for visitor guidance and the presentation in the Bavarian Excursion Ticker and the data must meet the requirements to be entered in the Bavarian Excursion Ticker and in future in the Bavarian Cloud Tourism.


Applications must be submitted before the start of the project via the electronic application portal (see under 'Online procedure').

Special notes

Grants can only be awarded if applications are submitted before the start of the project.


The programme will run until the end of 2022 at the latest.

Required documents

  • Investment support for small and micro-hotels

    • Your tax data (identification number, tax number as well as IBAN deposited with the tax authorities)
    • Tax assessment notices for the last three available years
    • Details of all your tourist rental objects
    • Suitable proof of the plausibility of the tourist letting (upload/attach documents, e.g. entry in host directory, newspaper advertisements, registration with booking portals or similar). The designation of Internet sites may also be sufficient.
    • Investment plan for the services to be funded.
    • Comprehensive project description (description of measures) and information on how the project is to achieve the objectives of the funding guideline.
    • Documents on any previous de minimis grants

  • Promoting the collection of real-time data relevant to tourism for the purpose of visitor flow management

    • Description of the object including the traffic conditions
    • Classification of the car park or tourist attraction in the traffic conditions (rough quantification of visitor flows, supplemented by the temporal or seasonal distribution if relevant)
    • Self-assessment of the tourism relevance of the real-time utilisation data
    • Description as well as investment and financing plan for the measure (planned purchases and estimated costs, ...) to be funded
    • If applicable, justification for the applicability of the increased ceiling for eligible expenditure.

Online procedures


  • none

Legal bases


administrative claim

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Status: 10.11.2021

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