Small fireworks; application for a permit to set them off

If you are not in possession of an explosives permit or a certificate of competence and want to set off fireworks of category F2 outside the New Year's Eve period, you need a permit.



  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Consent of the owner of the land or property
  • a justified reason to set off fireworks
    Justified occasions can be, for example:
    • a golden wedding anniversary or
    • a round birthday or
    • any other anniversary


You must apply for the exemption in writing.

Depending on the municipality, a form is available for you to download.

If your municipality does not offer a form, you can submit the application informally. In this application you should provide at least the following information:

  • Name and address of the persons responsible for setting off the fireworks,
  • Designation of the special occasion,
  • Location and date of the fireworks display,
  • description and number of fireworks, and
  • Beginning and end of the fireworks display.

The special permit may be subject to conditions. Conditions may include, for example:

  • Presence of the fire department during the display of the fireworks; or
  • proof of liability insurance or
  • which fireworks are permitted or prohibited

Special notes

With a special permit, you may not burn fireworks of category F3, F4, stage fireworks of category T2 or other pyrotechnic objects of category P2. The same applies to fireworks of category F2, such as firecrackers with flash bangs or rockets with more than 20 g net explosive mass.
You need a permit or a certificate of competence to burn these pyrotechnic articles.

If you have an explosives permit or certificate of competence, a permit from the municipality is not required. You only have to report the fireworks to the responsible trade supervisory office.
For more information, see "Related topics" - "Fireworks; notification of the burning of pyrotechnic objects".


Fireworks may not be set off until a permit has been obtained. The permit application should therefore be submitted as early as possible (at least four weeks in advance).

Processing time

The duration of the approval procedure depends, among other things, on the occasion, scope and location of the planned fireworks display.

Required documents

  • You can find out whether and which documents are required from the relevant municipality.

  • Required are usually:

    • Identity card as proof of age and place of residence
    • documents about the purpose of the fireworks
    • Site plan of the place where the fireworks are to be set off
    • Declaration of consent of the owner of the property if the fireworks are not to be set off on the own property
    • Number and description of the fireworks


  • The fees for permits are calculated on a time and material basis. Depending on the case, the costs may vary.


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim


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