Bomb unexploded ordnance and munitions; information on behavior and responsibility

Explosive ordnance - especially unexploded bombs and munitions from World War 2 - continues to be found. If you find explosive ordnance: Hands off, immediately notify the police!


Explosive ordnance - in particular unexploded bombs and munitions from World War II - continues to be found, especially in connection with construction projects or in "nature". Such explosive ordnance can pose a considerable hazard. Improper handling therefore poses a considerable risk and can cause serious hazards, which can also happen unintentionally, for example during ground intervention.

If you find bomb duds and munitions: Hands off, notify the police immediately!

  • Be sure to leave the objects untouched!
  • The police will take the necessary steps to remove the danger.
  • Those who handle explosive ordnance without the required special expertise endanger their own lives and often the lives of others! Such actions may also be punishable under criminal law.

Special responsibility of property owners and builders

  • Property owners are generally responsible for eliminating specific hazards posed by explosive ordnance on their properties.
  • The responsibility for hazards posed by explosive ordnance during construction work lies with the building owners. They must also investigate any suspicion of explosive ordnance, arrange for the necessary measures to be taken, and hire the appropriate specialist companies for this purpose.
  • The basis for precautionary measures is primarily property-related historical research and a related risk assessment. In most cases, the municipalities also have archival documents on war-related events.
  • The production and certification of the so-called "absence of explosive ordnance" is the responsibility of the relevant specialist companies. The assessment of the explosive ordnance load of properties is also not part of the tasks of the explosive ordnance disposal service or other services.
  • Explosive ordnance found or recovered by specialized companies will be disposed of free of charge by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service.

Notes, information and rules of conduct

Relevant notes, information and rules of conduct on the dangers posed by explosive ordnance and how to avert them are contained in the announcement "Defense against dangers posed by explosive ordnance". The announcement can be accessed on the website of the State Ministry of the Interior and Integration (see "Further links") together with information on how to proceed in the case of properties that may be contaminated with explosive ordnance and the address lists "Specialist companies in explosive ordnance disposal" and "Specialist companies in aerial photo evaluation".


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