Laser equipment; information about the requirements during operation

Only competent persons may handle laser equipment. Before the laser equipment is put into operation for the first time, it must be checked by a competent person.


The operation of laser equipment can endanger persons, animals and property.

Therefore, only qualified persons may handle laser equipment. Before starting to operate such equipment, all possible hazards must be determined, the necessary measurements taken and all necessary protective measures taken.

Before the laser equipment is put into operation for the first time, it must be inspected by a competent person as defined by the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, i.e. a person who has the necessary expertise to inspect the laser equipment as a result of his or her professional training, professional experience and recent professional activity.

Prior to the commencement of operation of lasers of classes 3R, 3B and 4, the employer or operator, if he does not have the required expertise himself, must also appoint a competent laser safety officer in writing. The expert knowledge must be proven by successful participation in a corresponding training course.


  • Always: Expert knowledge for the respective laser equipment
  • For lasers of classes 3R, 3B, and 4: Written appointed laser safety officer, who has proven the expert knowledge by successful participation in a corresponding training course.
  • For the operation of laser systems, the occupational health and safety regulations must be applied accordingly in the areas of a place of assembly accessible to visitors.

Special notes

  • The operation of lasers in workplaces is governed by the BetrSichV and the Occupational Safety Ordinance on Artificial Optical Radiation (OStrV), the enforcement of which is the responsibility of the trade supervisory offices at the governments.
  • In Bavaria, the operation of lasers in places of assembly is governed by the Ordinance on the Construction and Operation of Places of Assembly (Versammlungsstättenverordnung -VStättV), which is enforced by the lower building supervisory authorities.


If necessary, vis-à-vis the responsible accident insurance institution.


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