Explosive substances; application for an explosives permit or certificate of competence

When handling explosive substances, the requirements of the Explosives Act (SprengG) must be observed.


As a rule, only persons in possession of an explosives permit or certificate of competence are allowed to handle explosive substances.

Activities involving explosive substances have a great potential for danger. The aim of the Explosives Act is to protect people and property from these dangers. Improper handling by persons without expert knowledge as well as misuse or accidents due to disregard of the safety regulations are to be prevented. The explosives law places high demands on the suitability, reliability and specialist knowledge of persons who handle explosive substances commercially or privately. The

handling and traffic of explosive substances are regulated in the Explosives Act (SprengG) and the ordinances to the Explosives Act (1. + 2. + 3. SprengV).

Competent authorities

  • The district administrative authorities are responsible for permits in the private sector for firecracker shooters, reloaders and muzzleloaders.
  • The trade supervisory authorities are responsible for permits and certificates of competence in the commercial explosives and fireworks sector as well as for other permits in the private sector.
  • The mining authorities are responsible for companies that carry out corresponding activities under mining supervision.


Prerequisites for the issuance of an explosives permit or certificate of competence are usually:

  • Reliability
  • Personal (and physical) suitability
  • Specialized knowledge
  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • (Commercial or private) need

Processing time

The application for issuance/renewal of a permit or certificate of competence should be submitted in good time, because reliability, suitability and need must be verified in the course of the procedure.

Required documents

  • Written application with proof of identity

  • Proof of personal (and physical) suitability (e.g. by means of a medical certificate)

  • certificate of competence

  • Proof of a commercial or private need


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  • The costs can vary.

    For a permit or certificate of competence, fees can range from 70 to 4,000 euros.


Administrative court proceedings; information

Administrative court action

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