Blasting with explosive substances; notification

If explosive substances are to be used for blasting, the local trade supervisory office or mining authority must be notified.



  • The person making the notification must either be the holder of an explosives permit in accordance with Section 7 or Section 27 of the Explosives Act or
  • as the holder of a certificate of competence in accordance with Section 20 of the Explosives Act, act at least on behalf of the holder of an explosives permit in accordance with Section 7 of the Explosives Act (so-called person responsible for the blasting).


The notification must be submitted with the required documents to the trade supervisory office or mining authority responsible for the location where the blasting is to be carried out.

The notification must be made using the form (see "Forms"). This can also be used to notify changes that are associated with an increased risk or to apply for a shortened deadline.

Special notes

The intended blasting only needs to be notified, a permit is not issued.

Blasting in facilities approved under immission control law does not have to be notified if the approval includes the blasting.

Blasting in companies subject to mining supervision does not have to be notified if a company plan permit has been issued for the blasting work.


The notification must be received at least 4 weeks before the start of the blasting if several similar blasts are to be carried out within a site or for the implementation of a project.

At least 1 week is required before any other blasting.

Exceptions to the notification period are possible under certain conditions. If the notification deadline is not met, an application must be made to shorten the deadline. This application must contain a comprehensible justification and be received by the office as early as possible so that the office has sufficient time to process the application. There is no legal entitlement to a shortened deadline.

Required documents

  • Permit according to § 7 or § 27 Explosives Act
  • certificate of competence according to § 20 Explosives Act
  • Description from which emerges

    • Type, method and extent of blasting,
    • the type and maximum quantity of explosives and detonating devices to be used per blasting, and, if time-detonating detonators are used, the maximum quantity of explosives per time-detonating stage,
    • the distance of the blasting sites from buildings and installations requiring special protection, in particular hospitals, schools, old people's and children's homes, sports facilities and playgrounds within a radius of at least 1,000 metres
    • the safety measures, in particular the cover rooms for employees, cordoning-off measures along traffic routes and precautions to protect neighbouring residential and work premises against flying stones, vibrations, blasting vapours and noise,.

  • an up-to-date site plan to scale showing

    • the blasting sites including their foreseeable changes of location,
    • the distance of the explosion sites from traffic routes, homes and workplaces as well as public utilities within a radius of at least 300 metres

  • Any existing approvals from the authorities involved

Online procedures


  • The notification is free of charge.

    If the deadline is shortened: in the standard case EUR 75.00 plus expenses (deviations from this are possible in the case of increased expenditure)


Administrative court proceedings; information

An action can only be brought if the blasting is prohibited or the deadline is shortened. In this case, an action can be brought against the decision within one month.


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