Substances hazardous to water; accident reporting

Accidents involving substances hazardous to water can, for example, lead to fish kills or contaminate soil and groundwater. They must be reported immediately to the police or the fire department (emergency call 110 or 112). The fire department will then take measures to avert the danger immediately.


Substances hazardous to water are solid, liquid or gaseous substances and mixtures which are capable of causing adverse changes to the water quality on a permanent basis or to a not merely insignificant extent and which are classified as hazardous to water or are considered hazardous to water in accordance with chapter 2 AwSV. If such substances escape in the event of an accident, they can lead to water pollution either via the direct route into a body of water or via seepage through the soil.

In the event of accidents involving substances hazardous to water, the municipal fire departments (volunteer fire departments and professional fire departments) perform the compulsory duty of the municipalities to avert danger in the event of accidents in accordance with Art. 1 of the Bavarian Fire Department Act (BayFwG).

It is therefore necessary to inform the fire department or police as quickly as possible in the event of such accidents. Not only the plant operator but also the person who fills or empties, decommissions, dismantles or removes, maintains, repairs, cleans, monitors or inspects a plant is legally obliged to notify (cf. Art. 24 Para. 2 AwSV).

Provide as much detailed information as possible, especially about the accident site and time, as well as the type and quantity of substances released.

The fire department operations center or police station will then take over the alerting of other agencies such as the district administrative authority, municipality, water management office etc..


Please inform the fire department or police immediately.

Status: 19.08.2022

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