Emergency planning; preparation of external emergency plans

As part of preventive disaster control, the district administrative authorities draw up alarm and deployment plans for specific incident operations on the basis of corresponding operator information.


External emergency planning is part of the regulations for the prevention of major accidents that could be caused by certain industrial activities and for limiting the consequences of accidents for human health and the environment. It supplements the federal regulations on in-plant accident prevention and consequence limitation for operators of certain plants and facilities with off-site measures in the event of a loss.

As part of preventive disaster control, the district administrative authorities are required to draw up, update and test alarm and emergency plans for certain major accident operations within the meaning of the Major Accidents Ordinance (12th BImSchV) on the basis of corresponding operator information .

External emergency plans are drawn up to

  1. contain and control incidents so that the consequences can be kept to a minimum and damage to people, natural resources and property can be limited;
  2. initiate measures to protect people and the natural bases of life from the consequences of major accidents;
  3. Provide necessary information to the public and affected authorities or departments in the affected area;
  4. initiate clean-up operations and measures to restore natural life-support systems after a major accident.

The external emergency plan shall include information on:

  1. Names or positions of persons authorized to initiate emergency response activities and to conduct and coordinate off-site response activities;
  2. Arrangements for receiving early warnings and for raising alarms and notifying emergency personnel;
  3. Arrangements for coordinating the response resources necessary to implement the off-site emergency plan;
  4. Arrangements to support on-site corrective action;
  5. Arrangements for off-site remedial actions, including response actions to major accident scenarios as described in the safety report and consideration of potential domino effects, including those affecting natural life-support systems;
  6. Arrangements for informing the public and any neighboring establishments or sites not within the scope of Directive 2012/18/EU of the accident and of the correct course of action;
  7. Arrangements for informing the emergency services of other Member States of the European Communities in the event of a major accident with possible transboundary consequences.


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