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From 2022 to 2026, 36,500 family businesses with 618,000 jobs in Bavaria are facing a generational change. The Business Succession Campaign raises awareness among entrepreneurs about succession issues and provides information about support services.


In view of the generational changes that will frequently take place in the coming years, the successful structuring of company succession is of the utmost importance for many entrepreneurs and their employees, but also for the Bavarian economy. To ensure that business transfers are successful, it is therefore important to approach them early and systematically. On this website, you will find an overview of what needs to be taken into account when it comes to company succession.

Under the facts about succession, the six most common problems in succession are listed. These include financing the company takeover and not being able to let go of the business owner.

In addition, you will find interesting facts about the succession process. For example, it must be clarified what form of business succession is involved - for example, is it a transfer within the family, the sale of the business or the leasing of the business? In addition, aspects are listed that the transferor should take into account. He should arrange the succession at an early stage, find the right successor, make his company fit and secure the company in the event of inheritance. The successor should also clarify a number of points, such as choosing the right company and financing. In addition, the Internet portal also offers tips on how the transferor and successor can go about the handover together. You will also find some practical examples of the succession process.

Another information focus is on support and advice. The Bavarian start-up agencies can serve as a point of contact if people want to take the path to self-employment by taking over an existing business. In addition, a search mask provides contact details of other advice centers, for example associations in your area. The Internet portal also contains links to further information on possible subsidies and offers regarding support and coaching.

The emergency folder section contains tips for unexpected succession issues: What happens to the company if the boss suddenly drops out, for example after an accident or in the course of a serious illness? You can and should prepare for this emergency with an appropriate emergency plan. For example, it should contain documents for operational procedures, such as powers of attorney and powers of attorney over accounts.

Other subsections are devoted to links to succession exchanges, publications and events relating to business succession.

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