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The Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Construction and Transport and the governments recruit state-certified technicians for the management of a road or river maintenance department in the civil service career path (second qualification level of the specialist career path in science and technology, specialist focus on construction engineering and environmental administration service).


For entry into the civil service career at the second qualification level, the Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Construction and Transport and the district governments recruit state-certified civil engineering technicians every two years - usually on May 1 of an even-numbered year - as junior staff for the following specialist areas

  • Road construction (road foremen and road foremen) and
  • Water management (river foremen and river forewomen).

The preparatory service is carried out as a civil servant on a revocable basis and lasts 15 months including the examination period. The training takes place at various offices of the state construction or water management administration. It is divided into practical sections and seminars that supplement the knowledge and skills acquired at the technical school and at the training centers.

During the preparatory service, candidate salaries are paid in accordance with the Bavarian salary scale. Successful completion of the program (qualification examination) enables the student to be appointed as a probationary civil servant and later as a permanent civil servant.

Further information is available from the Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Construction and Transport, the district governments, state building offices and water management offices.

Special notes

Personal advice on the trainee program:


Please send your application for the specialist area of water management to the district government responsible for your place of residence by 1 January at the latest.

Applications for the road construction field should be submitted by the end of October of an odd-numbered year. Ideally, you will spend a few months in a tariff employee relationship at a road or highway maintenance department. The preparatory service for the civil service career always begins on May 1.

Please send your application for the specialist area of road construction , including the required documents, in PDF format to the Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Construction and Transport using our online application form (for link, see "Online procedure").

Required documents

  • Field of road construction

    • Letter of motivation
    • Curriculum vitae
    • School leaving certificate
    • Certificate of completion of technical school
    • If applicable, ideally proof of the trainer aptitude test
    • Work certificates and
    • Portfolio of subject-specific activities

Online procedures

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