Being offered a job opportunity

If you receive Citizen's Income and would like to improve your employability, you can be assigned to a work opportunity by the Jobcenter.



  • You can be assigned to a work opportunity if
    • this benefit is necessary for your integration into work and no other benefit can be considered for you to introduce you to the labor market and
    • you have not been assigned to work opportunities for more than 24 months within the last 5 years.
  • The work opportunity must
    • be additional, i.e. the work to be performed would not be carried out without the support, would not be carried out to the same extent or would only be carried out at a later date.
    • be in the public interest. Your work must therefore serve the general public, not commercial interests or a limited group of people.
    • be competition-neutral, i.e. no regular employment relationship may be displaced or prevented.


You will receive a job opportunity from your contact person at the Jobcenter.

  • Your contact person will explain the type, scope and duration of the work and tell you who you will be working for. Your interests will also be taken into account.
  • You will also be informed of the details of the work opportunity in writing.
  • You can also confirm your assignment online.



Processing time

None. The work opportunity is usually agreed directly during the consultation.

Required documents

  • Required Documents



  • There are no costs.


  • Objection to assignment to the work opportunity


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