GDR skilled worker's diploma or master craftsman's diploma; application for examination of equivalence

If you have acquired a GDR skilled worker's qualification or a GDR master craftsman's qualification, this can be checked for equivalence in terms of content to a Federal German training occupation or IHK further training qualification.


The Unification Treaty stipulates that vocational qualifications recognized by the state in the GDR or qualifications acquired in the GDR are equivalent to one another and confer the same entitlements if they are equivalent. Equivalence is determined by the competent authority upon application.

As a rule, GDR skilled worker qualifications are equivalent to Federal German training occupations without the need for formal recognition. In individual cases, a certificate of equivalence is possible upon application. However, a new examination certificate is not issued.

Assignment of GDR master craftsman's diplomas to IHK further training examinations can be checked and determined on application. In the case of a possible equivalency, you will receive a certificate showing your GDR profession and the corresponding FRG profession.

If the qualification in question is a GDR skilled worker's or master craftsman's qualification that can be assigned to industry, trade or the service sector, then the Chamber of Industry and Commerce is responsible. An application is made at the local IHK in whose catchment area the applicant's place of residence is located.


You have a GDR skilled worker or master craftsman's diploma.


You can only submit the application for an equivalence test of your GDR skilled worker or master craftsman qualification to a Federal German professional or master craftsman qualification in writing.

  • If necessary, use the application form on the website of the locally responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) or under "Forms" (usually: Application for Equivalency under the Unification Treaty).
  • If possible, speak to the designated employee in advance by telephone to determine that the IHK is also responsible for your DDR skilled worker or master craftsman qualification.
  • Attach all requested documents to the application.
  • Your documents will be reviewed and the application will be processed.
  • You will receive a fee notice, if applicable.
  • After payment of the fee, you will be sent the decision on the determination of equivalence.



Processing time

The processing of the complete documents usually takes up to 6 weeks.

Required documents

  • The following documents are required:

    • a certified copy of the skilled worker or master craftsman certificate
    • a certified copy of the skilled worker or master craftsman certificate
    • a simple copy of the identity card
    • in the case of a change of name, a copy of the official documents


  • A fee may be charged for processing the application, depending on the fee scale of the locally competent CCI.




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