Identity card, passport and eID card; application for change of address or place of residence.

When you move, you are required to have your ID card, passport or eID card (for EU nationals) updated.


As the holder of an ID card or passport, you are obliged to present your document to the personal/passport authority immediately if an entry is incorrect. This also applies to the eID card, which - like the ID card - has a function for electronic proof of identity.

In addition, the address fulfills important tasks for the address confirmation function of the online ID card, so care must be taken to ensure that the current address is stored on the chip. Without the change of address, online services may not be able to be used or any returns, such as the PIN reset service letter, may not reach the applicant.


You have already registered with the relevant registration office.

The change of address can be initiated by the document holder in person or by a person with the appropriate power of attorney.



You must go in person to the relevant passport/identity card/eID card authority (municipality, city or administrative community) with the documents.

You can also have the change of address carried out by a representative. The representative must present a power of attorney from you and identify himself/herself with his/her personal document (usually ID card or passport). The identity document to be changed must be brought along.

Identity card

  • The address will be changed on the chip. To ensure that the address is also visible on the card, an address sticker is affixed to the back of the ID card.


  • The new place of residence is changed directly and visibly on the passport.

eID card

  • The address on the chip is changed.

Special notes

It is advisable to have the address or place of residence changed at the same time as you register your place of residence.

If you are deregistering abroad in person, you can already make the address/residence change as part of the deregistration process.


as soon as possible

Required documents

  • When applying for a change of address or place of residence, the following documents in particular are required:

    • identity card, passport or eID card
    • if the update of the identity card does not take place at the same time as your re-registration or registration: a current confirmation of registration
    • when moving abroad:
      • if you are applying at a German mission abroad: confirmation of deregistration from your last place of residence
      • if applying in Germany: proof of residence abroad


  • none


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